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The Islamic Center of Hawthorne (ICH) is a religious non-profit 501(3) organization incorporated in the state of California in March 1995.

ICH serves the diverse Muslim community of the South Bay.

We greet you with the greeting of Islam: Assalamu Alaykum; Peace be upon you.

We welcome you to visit at any time

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ICH presents

8th Annual Youth Camp

from October 10th

to October 12th

for age 13-25 years

for detail and registration click here

Qur'an Class with Sh.Othman started on 9/6/2014 click here

Saturday School fall semester started on 9/6/2014 click here

Sunday School fall semester started on 9/7/2014 click here

Martial Arts class starts on 9/20/14 click here


Connect with ICH

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activities of the center etc..

Via txt messages on your cell phones.

To Opt-in please send text

word MyICH

 to 71441 or 40691

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*Important Announcement*

New Timing for

Jumua Khutbah

From Friday March 14th

First Khutbah @ 1:00pm

Second Khutbah @ 2:10pm


Iqamah Times
Fajr: 5:45am
Dhuhr: 1:15pm
Asr: 5:00pm
Maghrib: @Sunset +5 minutes
Isha: 8:15pm

Jumuaa Friday Prayer

From March 14th

1st Khutbah @ 1:00pm

2nd Khutbah @ 2:10pm

ICH Prayer calendar for September 2014 click here

Khutbah: Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) click here

ICH Friday Night Program After Maghrib


Friday 9/5: Sh.Othman Rakha


Friday 9/12: Sh. Yusuf Estes


Friday 9/19: Sh. Othman Rakha


Friday 9/26: Sh. Othman Rakha



  • ICH Regular Programs

Friday Night Program After Isha prayers.

Educational program for Adults & Youth program

Al-Huda Islamic School (Pre-K-8) Contact at 310-973-0500 or

Quran Memorization & Adult Tajweed Classes schedule here

Saturday School (Ages 3-18, from 9:30 to 1:30) application form* available here


Sunday School (Ages 3-14, from 9:30 to 2:00) application form* available here


After School Qur'an Reading & Memorization Class application form* available here

Martial Arts Class every Saturday at 2PM-3:30PM (for ages 5 years and up) application*

YOUTH Program: for information click here

* You can save,print, email or fax all our online application forms.

 Prayer    Adhan   Iqamah
 Fajr  05:09a  05:45a
 Dhuhr  12:49p  01:15p
 Asr  04:19p  05:00p
 Maghrib  07:05p  07:10p
 Isha  08:09p  08:15p
ICH - Events

Martial Arts class begins
2:00 PM   9/20/2014

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ICH - News

08/30- September 12th Sh.Yusuf Estes will deliver 1st & 2nd Khutbah
08/30- Qur'an class with Sh. Othman Rakha begins Saturday Sept. 6th
08/24- Martial arts class begins on Saturday September 20th
08/24- Sunday School fall semester begins on September 7th
08/24- Saturday School fall semester begins on September 6th
08/21- September 12th Friday night Sh. Yusuf Estes will give lecture.
08/21- ICH 8th Annual Youth Camp from October 10th to 12th for ages 13 -25years
02/26- New Timing for Friday Khutbah from March 14th 1st Khutbah at 1pm 2nd Khutbah at 2:10pm